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Ladies Electric Bike

A ladies electric bike is characterized by the open, low-step frame that makes getting on to the bike a lot easier. As clothing styles have changed over the decade, the need for women to have a low-step frame has decreased and hence the term has become a bit outdated. Especially since this bike is ideal for everyone with reduced mobility, such as the elderly. It’s a safer way to mount the bike, there’s less risk of stretching or ripping clothes, and it’s easy and quick to dismount. Therefore, this type of bike remains popular.

What is a ladies electric bike?

A ladies electric bike is built around a female-specific frame. However, some manufacturers use a unisex frame but fit the bike with a finishing kit more suited to the female anatomy. For example, women's specific grips, saddles, pedals, and handlebars are ergonomically more suited to female riders.

A ladies electric bike specifically designed for women will have a range of sizes suited to smaller riders. Their frame's geometry will also be more biased to female riders with a lower stand over height. They will also usually stay away from fitting 29" wheels and stick with 26" or 27.5" wheels. This will mean the straight-line speed won't be as high, but changing direction will be much easier while creating more playful handling.

Which ladies electric bike is best?

The best women's electric bike 2021 is the bike with a well-designed step-through frame, comfortable features built in, and with the best technical specs at the most affordable price. Of course, in the end it comes down to personal preferences and to which aspect is most important for you. For more help in buying an electric bike take a look at our guide to buying an e bike.

What is the lightest women's electric bike?

The lightest women’s electric bikes are less than 20kg. In general, an electric bike is a bit heavier than a non-electric bike due to the extra weight of the battery and motor. The precise weight of a bike of course depends on a lot of factors and will vary from brand to brand and from model to model. The major factors influencing it are the type of material the frame is made out of, the size and type of wheels (fatter wheels versus skinny racing wheels), and especially the battery and motor. With rapid advancements in battery and motor tech, these are getting smaller and lighter, allowing also for increasingly lighter weight e bikes.

Which e bike for elderly women?

An e bike for elderly women (or men for that matter) will be needing a step through frame that's extra low for easy access and dismounting. For this reason, look for an extra low-step in bike where the frame goes all the way down to the crankset. Additionally, a comfortable seating position with handlebars that are swept back and a comfortable saddle would be necessary. In terms of motor capacity, a 250W motor would be sufficient to handle most cycling needs for the average elderly user. In addition, an easily accessible, and replaceable, battery would be recommended. That allows the elderly rider to always have a spare battery packed so the rider would never be left stranded with an empty battery.

Ladies Electric Mountain Bike

As electric bikes are starting to increase their share of the bike market, manufacturers are beginning to diversify them in order to meet consumer demands. They are producing bikes suited to commuting that are capable of riding light off-road trails, ranging to powerful full-suspension bikes designed to tackle mountainous terrain.

Many of the electric mountain bikes you see on the market are unisex, but we are seeing more manufacturers build mountain bikes specifically for women. Some women may want to stick with a unisex bike, but some will benefit or prefer how a women’s electric mountain bike rides.

Why Ride A Women's Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes provide another option for riding off-road. Women’s electric mountain bikes open up new possibilities on the trail. They allow you to broaden your horizons when it comes to the terrain you can access. With a women’s electric mountain bike, you will be able to keep up with a faster group of riders, improve your fitness, commute, or to make your return to riding after an injury.

Electric mountain bikes help you climb longer, ride steeper terrain, explore, and enjoy super fun descents.

The most important thing about riding a bike is having fun, and an electric mountain bike takes the fun factor to another level. Climbing steep hills is no longer daunting with an electric mountain bike. The electric motor assists your pedalling, making riding uphill a breeze. In addition, you will also love how an electric bike rides along the flat. The seamless power transfer effortlessly whizzes you along, allowing you to save your energy for those fun downhill sections.

The fact that you are not exerting as much effort as you would on a traditional mountain bike means you have enough energy to ride for longer. You will be able to enjoy your bike for much longer if it has an electric motor.

How Do Women’s Electric Mountain Bikes Ride?

The geometry of women’s electric mountain bike is designed to meet the needs of the intended rider and terrain. That means these bikes place the rider in the best possible position where she is in comfort, can easily pedal and manoeuvre over and around obstacles in the terrain.

You may notice that women’s electric mountain bikes have less power and smaller batteries than unisex bikes. This is because women are generally lighter than men and don’t need the extra power. These smaller components are lighter, too, bringing their weight as close to a regular bike as possible. Even though you have much less torque and battery capacity, these bikes take less effort to jump, turn, accelerate and decelerate.

Because these bikes are lighter, you will experience a similar range to higher-powered unisex electric mountain bikes with double the battery capacity. Also, with no added friction in the drivetrain, these women’s electric mountain bikes still respond to pedal efforts above the motor’s legal cut-off speed.

So, if you like the idea of a bike that gives you boost on the climbs but want to retain the agile handling and responsiveness of a regular bike, a women’s electric mountain bike could be a better option for you over a unisex one.

Classes Of Women’s Electric Mountain Bike

  • Class 1 - Pedal Assist / Pedelec: Class 1 electric mountain bikes are the most common and are known as pedal-assist or pedelec. The electric motor assists you as you pedal by supplementing your pedalling power.

    You can choose the amount of assistance you require from the motor at any given time. By law, class 1 electric bikes cannot provide assistance over 25kph in Europe. In the USA, they are limited to 32kph.

  • Class 2 - Throttle: Electric bikes with a throttle drive you along by twisting the throttle or pressing a button; you don’t need to pedal this type of bike. You won’t find this system on many women’s electric mountain bikes, but they are worth knowing about.
  • Class 3 - Speed Pedelec: A speed pedelec bike is simply a fast pedelec bike. You can ride up to 45kph on one of these, and most countries class them as a motor vehicle. This means that you may need to get a licence to ride one, depending on where you ride.

    If you want one of these, it is worth knowing that you may not be allowed to ride them on some mountain bike trails, as they are akin to motocross bikes.

Motor Placement of ladies electric bikes

With women’s electric mountain bikes, you can choose between mid-drive or rear hub drive bikes. Rear hub drive bikes are suitable for commuting and light to moderate off-road use. If you want to ride an electric mountain bike on more challenging terrain, a mid-drive bike is a better choice. The reason for this is that the motor is located between the cranks. This gives the bike a lower centre of gravity and more balanced handling. These are the characteristics you need when the trails get technical.

The other reason why a mid-drive electric mountain bike is better for technical terrain is how it delivers power. These bikes use a torque sensor that makes the bike go faster, the harder you pedal. Along with the more efficient use of the bike’s gearing, this creates a more natural riding experience.

How Far Can Women’s Electric Mountain Bikes Go?

Electric mountain bikes can go as far as you can keep pedalling. The real question is how long does the battery last on an electric mountain bike? The range is difficult to work out, as it depends on many elements. Things that affect a bike’s range include:

  • Your fitness
  • How much assistance you choose
  • How hilly your ride is
  • The bike’s power
  • The battery rating
  • The weather conditions
  • Trail conditions
  • Tyre pressures
  • Your weight
  • How often you shift gears

Can You Ride Ladies Electric Bikes On Any Trail?

Before you make your way to the trails, you should check out the rules and local laws regarding electric mountain bike use. You are allowed to ride electric mountain bikes on most routes, but you don’t want to find out that you can’t when you get there.

If you are unsure, you would be wise to be respectful to other riders and hikers to keep them on your side if it turns out electric mountain bikes are not permitted.

You will find that your electric mountain bike will accelerate uphill faster than traditional mountain bikes. Therefore, keep your speed in check around uphill blind corners, and politely let other trail users know you are coming.

Full Suspension Or Hardtail Women’s Electric Mountain Bikes?

When you decide between the available women's electric mountain bikes, you need to think about the kind of terrain you will be riding on. If your riding mainly consists of towpaths, fire roads and country lanes, a hardtail electric mountain bike makes a lot of sense. This is because they are much cheaper than full-suspension mountain bikes, and there is less to maintain. You may also have more fun, as the bike will have a playful feel while being more efficient for commuting.

A hardtail electric mountain bike will likely have a hub-mounted motor, but you shouldn't have any problems with handling if you are not doing anything too challenging. The suspension fork will soak up some of the bumps and vibrations from the trail or road. This will mean you will be able to ride longer before your arms get fatigued.

However, if you will be riding technical terrain, single track, bike parks and trail centres, you will need a bike that can cope with riding over rough ground with rocks, roots, holes and jumps. This is where a full suspension electric mountain bike is the better option.

Front and rear suspension give a mountain bike a more comfortable ride. However, it also provides more traction on loose ground. Electric mountain bikes will get you to the top of hills that you thought were never possible. However, if your hardtail is bouncing off rocks and roots, you will have a better time pushing it back down the hill.

When riding an electric mountain bike fast on challenging descents, you may notice that it is difficult to unweight and jump over obstacles. Therefore, the rear suspension will benefit you by reducing the back wheel's impact while helping you hop over square-edged obstacles.