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Electric mountain bike

An electric mountain bike gives you that extra boost when climbing up a hill!

An electric mtb is a great way for anyone, regardless of age, to make the most out of their bike ride through mountainous terrain. The extra pedal assist allows you to take longer bike trips, and the extra boost during difficult stretches allows you to enjoy the scenery to the fullest. If you want to buy the best electric mountain bike in 2021 then take a look at the collection of as we have the best electric mountain bikes in the UK!

Electric mountain bike

Full suspension electric mountain bike

As the name indicates, a full suspension electric mountain bike is an electric mountain bike with both rear and front suspension, as opposed to an electric mountain bike with only rear suspension, also called a hardtail electric mountain bike. Full suspensions electric mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to hard tails due to the added comfort of shocks being absorbed in both the front and rear wheel, which is quite beneficial in mountainous terrain. The increase in popularity is also due to the rapid technological increases allowing for reduced weight and costs in rear suspensions, which were previously some of the main disadvantages.

Electric hardtail mountain bike

An electric hardtail mountain bike is a mountain bike with only front suspension and no rear suspension, hence the “hard tail”. The main benefits of a hard tail mountain bike are its lower costs, less components to maintain/replace as well as better power transmission than full suspension electric mountain bikes due to the rigid frame allowing for more efficient energy flow.

Women’s electric mountain bike

A women’s electric mountain bike is characterized by its step-in frame, allowing for easier access. This type of bike is also convenient for when a high step-in frame is inconvenient for whatever reason. For example, elderly people might find that a lower step in frame is better suited as it lowers the risk of falling when entering and exiting your bike, especially relevant when traversing mountainous terrains where you would want to be able to hop on and off your bike quickly and safely.

Men’s electric mountain bike

A men’s electric mountain bike is characterized by its traditional triangular frame with a high step-in, versus a low step-in frame for women’s bikes.

Folding electric mountain bike

If you’re looking for an all-purpose electric mountain bike, then consider a folding electric mountain bike, which you can easily fold up for convenient transport. The ability to fold up the bike opens up a whole new range of possibilities. For example, taking the bike in the train to explore new terrains to bike on. This means you can also use it as a work bike and bring it in a train, bus or metro with you during the week and use it as a mountain bike during the weekend. For a great example of an electric mountain bike take a look below at our recommendation for the best e mtb on a budget.

Best electric mountain bike under £2000

Although electric mountain bikes can quickly get very expensive, there are still some affordable options available. In the price range under £2000 we have the Legend Etna mountain bike which is also foldable and comes in a sleek minimalistic design.

We love the Legend Etna for many reasons, it is fun to ride, suitable for a multitude of terrain types, powerful and convenient.

Riding characteristics

The Legend Etna rolls on 27.5” wheels, which allows you to change direction easily and gives it playful handling. However, it also provides a smooth ride, both on and off-road, primarily thanks to its suspension fork and rear shock. The fork absorbs the shock from bumpy terrain and reduces vibrations transferred into your hands. This allows you to ride for longer before your hands and forearms get fatigued. The rear shock makes riding more comfortable while improving grip on rough terrain.

Power and range

The Legend Etna is a pedal assisted folding electric bike. Fitted with a punchy 500W rear hub-mounted motor, the Legend Etna has plenty of power for commuting and riding off-road. This motor is powered by a 48V 10.4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic battery, hooked up to a 30-speed Shimano drivetrain. This combination gives you a potential range of 50 miles, depending on how you use it and the type of terrain you are riding on.

This bike is available in two variants, with a 250W or 500W motor. Typically, the 250W motor should prove more than plenty for everyday use. However, if you’re planning on heavy off-road use then a 500W motor wouldn’t hurt to provide a bit more oomph.

Controlling the bike

You can choose from four levels of assistance you get from the motor while you are riding. Therefore, when you encounter a hill or a strong headwind, you can give yourself extra help from the motor using the controller on the handlebars. The controller also shows how much battery power you have left and which mode you are using. This is super simple to use, but you can get more information and control via the phone app.

You select the mode you want to use via the mobile app, which has a plethora of other features. The app gives you a visual readout of information, your speed, incline, and it incorporates a Sat Nav to help you find your destination. You have full control over the assistance levels, walk mode, lights etc.

Practicality and comfort

The Legend Etna is a folding electric bike that measures just 1m long when folded. Its maximum weight is only 23kg, meaning that you can store it easily and carry it on public transport or in your car. It also comes with provisions to mount a rack on the front and rear of the bike, allowing you to carry cargo or shopping effortlessly.

Advantages of an electric mountain bike

  • Advantage 1: Keep up with everyone!

    Gone are the days where you have to find people that can bike at the same speed as you. With an electric mtb you can keep up with anyone. That means for example that different generations can take a mountain bike trip and enjoy the scenery together without worrying about anybody being left behind.

  • Advantage 2: Carry more luggage!

    Talking about a family trip, if you’re planning on a camping trip, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed all the necessities of course. An Electric mountain bike allows you to pack much more items onto your bike without impacting your ability to bike.

  • Advantage 3: Same health benefits!

    You might think using an electric bike comes at the cost of lowered physical activity, you would be surprised. A study from Brigham Young University showed that people on an electric mountain bike could complete a 10km loop 12 minutes faster than the same people on a normal mountain bike. That’s perhaps not so surprising as you’d expect an e-bike to be faster. What is surprising however is that in both cases the riders were getting a similar workout with heart rate averaging around 145bpm for e bike rounds and 155bpm for non e bike rounds. In both cases the riders got a very intensive work out

  • Advantage 4: An easy way to get started!

    There will always be the die-hard mountain bikers who can easily bike all day long. However, there are also a lot more inexperienced cyclists for whom mountain biking might seem appealing, yet daunting at the same time. For this group of people, starting with an electric mountain bike might be the perfect way to get started, build up their stamina and confidence, and become a more proficient mountain biker.

  • Advantage 5: Evenly distributed workout intensity!

    There are times in your workout where you fight an uphill battle, and meet the so-called man with the hammer who hits you in the middle of climbing that steep hill top. For these situations an e mtb is perfect as it allows you to power through instead of giving up. This means you can keep your workout going longer.

  • Advantage 6: Electric mountain bikes are fun!

    This might be the sole reason why you’re looking into buying an electric mountain bike, but it’s still worth mentioning. No more dreading that steep hill climb that’s coming up, but instead you’re actually looking forward to the next hill climb so you can show off your e mtb without getting stuck halfway up the hill. As you cycle effortlessly up the hill you understand why electric mountain bikes are so much fun.

  • Advantage 7: Extend your bike trip!

    One of the biggest benefits of an electric mountain bike is its increased range. Do you also enjoy mountain biking but are disappointed you cannot go over the next hill because you’re out of energy? That’s a thing of the past. With an electric mountain bike you can go for much longer distances, explore new terrains, and enjoy the trip itself without feeling exhausted.

  • Advantage 8: increased stability and safety

    An electric mountain bike is usually a bit heavier than a traditional mountain bike. That’s mainly because of the motor and battery, which are placed at the bottom of an e mtb. This low placement of additional weight helps with the stability by lowering the centre of gravity. This makes it much easier to get on and off the bike as it will not wobble as much. You’re also much less likely to fall due to its more stable and heavier base. This lower centre of gravity and increased stability also makes it safer to go downhill as you’ll have better traction while you’re flying downhill, and are less likely to wobble and fall.