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Electric Fat Bike

An electric fat bike is defined by its oversized tyres, this “fat tyre” is what gives this bike its name. The larger tyres result in better traction, and this bike is therefore ideal in environments with unstable terrain such as snow, mud or sand. Therefore, it’s also known as a snow bike or sand bike. In such unstable environments having a fat tyre electric bike is especially convenient because the electric motor allows for an extra boost to power through that difficult terrain. Some people also convert their existing bike with an electric fat bike conversion kit. This only works if your current bike is already a fat bike, i.e. has the necessary wider fork to accommodate the wider tyres.

Should I get an electric fat bike?

There are certain situations where a traditional bike just doesn’t cut it. A fat bike has specific characteristics that will allow you to ride in certain conditions and on certain terrain.

The standout feature of a fat bike is their huge tires. Fat tires usually range from 3.7” to 5.05” and give you certain advantages. You can run fat tires at very low pressures, which increases their contact patch with the ground. This larger surface area gives you more grip and comfort. The disadvantage of a fat tire is that they have high rolling resistance, which means it takes more effort to pedal. But, if you add an electric motor to a fat bike, this is no longer a problem.

What is a fat tire bike for?

Fat bikes are originally designed to ride on soft surfaces such as snow, soft mud and sand. Traditional mountain bikes are extremely difficult to ride on these types of surfaces. Therefore, if you want to ride off-road all year, no matter what the weather is like, an electric fat bike is an excellent choice.

However, electric fat bikes are becoming more popular for other uses as well, as more casual riders are using them as a versatile mode of transport. The large volume of fat tires act as suspension, soaking up the bumps in the terrain and creating a comfortable ride. This comfortable ride attracts people to electric fat bikes for commuting during the week and having fun off-road at weekends.

Electric fat bikes are a great way of keeping fit. Even though they are fitted with an electric motor, you still have to pedal. The effort you put in burns calories while building your leg muscles and core. The electrical assistance allows you to ride for longer, meaning you will spend longer exercising, improving your fitness.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric fat bikes

When you ride an electric fat bike, you will enjoy several advantages over a standard electric mountain bike. The bikes can cope with changes in the terrain better as you ride over it. This is especially important when you are riding in snowy conditions. If riding a bike is your favourite way of exercising, you can use an electric fat bike all year round.

Electric fat bikes are great for beginners or nervous riders, thanks to their increased control and balance. The extra grip from the big tires and the more comfortable ride quality instil confidence. This confidence is enhanced further by improved stability when riding rough terrain, reducing the likelihood of losing control, causing you to fall or crash.

The main disadvantage of a regular fat tire bike is that they take more effort to pedal, but this is remedied with the electric motor. However, electric fat bikes are not as portable as a regular mountain bike due to their size and weight. The tires don’t fit in all bike racks, so this may be an issue if you want to transport your bike by car. However, you can buy foldable versions that are easy to transport and store.

As you can see, electric fat bikes are great, but you really need to play attention to the few disadvantages. The disadvantages could make a fat tire bike as less interesting option for you.

What is an electric fat bike like to ride?

The first thing you notice when you sit on an electric fat bike is the feeling of the low tire pressure. This gives the bike a squishy feeling that makes it very pleasant to ride over rough terrain.

Fat tire electric e bikes are quite heavy, thanks to the electrical components and those massive tires. This extra weight will take some getting used to, as will the general ergonomics of the bike. Some electric fat bikes have a large distance between the pedal attachment points to give clearance for the wide tires and to allow you to wear winter footwear.

The large tires dampen the shock from bumps and ride over the top of soft surfaces such as wet mud, sand and snow rather than cutting into it. These bikes are super fun to ride, especially in the snow. By putting your weight over the handlebars, you can easily drift the back wheel around snowy corners, which is something you never get tired of.

An electric fat bike makes impossible climbs possible. The electric motor amplifies your pedalling efforts to get you up steep hills much more easily. On a regular electric mountain bike, your back wheel can spin on loose gravel and dust due to the motor's extra torque. But a fat tire’s extra grip will reduce the likelihood of wheel spin, which makes climbing much more manageable.

The different types of electric fat bikes

Before you start looking for an electric fat bike, you need to know what your options are. You will notice that their differences include where the motor is mounted, how the frame is designed, and how powerful their motors and batteries are.

Even though electric fat bikes are pretty versatile, the different designs available are biased towards the needs of various riders. For example, if you want to explore the mountains, have a convenient and low-cost way of getting around or want a stylish and hip bike to enhance your lifestyle, there is an electric fat bike for you. You can also choose a bike that will suit your physical characteristics. Manufacturers make bikes that are perfectly suited for certain demographics like women, the elderly, or anyone else who could benefit from a step-through frame bike with easy mounting and dismounting.

Electric Fat Mountain Bikes

Electric fat bikes are designed to take lots of punishment associated with off-road riding. These bikes are ideal for exploring your local terrain or as a quick and easy way to get around on camping trips. Electric fat mountain bikes are probably the most versatile, as you can ride one anywhere, from mountain bike trails to city streets. They are also super fun to ride, and you will be impressed by their hill climbing ability.

You can also buy folding electric fat mountain bikes. These are not for hard-core off-road riding, but their foldability enhances their portability. You can easily fit a folding electric mountain bike into your car or carry it on public transport.

Fat Tire Electric City Bikes

Fat tire city bikes are ideal for commuting and generally getting around. They have all the benefits of a regular electric city bike but give you a more comfortable ride and more grip. This makes riding around town much less stressful, as the extra traction gives you confidence when the roads are slippery, or if you need to ride on unpaved surfaces. The comfort of these bikes is enhanced by plush saddles, swept-back handlebars and an adjustable riding position. You sit more upright on a city bike, which is not only comfortable, but it gives you better visibility of what is going on around you; this is very important when riding in busy city streets.

These bikes are suitable for people of all ages that are looking for an easy way to go shopping. Many fat tire electric city bikes come with the ability to carry cargo. They are often fitted with racks, or at least the provisions to fit racks. This ability to carry stuff, along with their electrical assistance, makes these bike ideal for shopping. You can even buy versions specially designed for transporting goods.

Just like electric fat mountain bikes, you can buy folding electric city bikes. These are great if a lack of storage space is a problem at home or at work. They fold to a very compact size, allowing you to store them under a bed, in a cupboard or just out of the way.

Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruisers

If you want a casual way of getting around with ease and comfort, a fat tire electric beach cruiser is a cool way to do it. These bikes are perfect for leisurely rides, thanks to their superior ride comfort. Their electric power makes riding effortless, meaning you will arrive at your destination looking as fresh as when you started your ride. Fat tire electric beach cruisers are lifestyle bikes and have cool designs, ranging from vintage to more contemporary styles. However, these bikes are very useful too, as many of them allow you to carry everything you need for the day.

Get Your Own Electric fat bike at VanSprint!

As you can see, riding an electric fat bike is beneficial for many reasons and lots of different people. All you need to do is choose the right one for you and your needs. You may want to make your commute more manageable and more comfortable, or you may want a bike that is rugged that will allow you to explore rough terrain. By following the above tips, you will be able to create a shortlist of possible electric fat bikes that have all the necessary qualities you are looking for.