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Fastest Electric Bike

The fastest electric bikes go faster than the standard 25km/h speed limit. If you’re wondering, how fast does an electric bike go? Then the answer is that most e bikes go up to the legal speed limit of 25km/h, but the fastest electric bikes easily go over that with speeds of up 40 km/h, 45km/h or even faster. Al though a really fast electric bike is of course very fun, be aware that in most European countries 25km/h is the legal speed limit for road use of an electric bike. Above this limit these e bikes can only be used on private property. If you’re looking for a super fast electric bike then take a look at the bikes below which all go faster than the 25km/h limit!

Buy an S pedelec

You want to buy a fast electric bike? A S pedelec is a motor assisted bike that can go up to 45km/hr. Due to the speed they can reach they are legally classified as mopeds and therefore require additional rules which you can read more on below. You enjoy riding an electric bike but are annoyed that it cuts off at 25km/hr? Then a speed pedelec might be for you. You’ll find only the fastest electric bikes here that all above 25km/hr.

S pedelec insurance and driver’s license

You may ride your s pedelec on public roads provided you follow a few, simple rules.

  1. You need a valid moped driving license
  2. Wearing a helmet is compulsory
  3. Your S pedelec needs to be equipped with rear view mirrors
  4. You need to have liability insurance
  5. Your s pedelec needs to have a visible insurance number plate


Since your s pedelec can go much faster than a regular bike, don’t drive it on bike paths unless they allow the use for mopeds. It’s also important to keep in mind that you can’t get out of any of the above rules by just never driving faster than 25 km/h – what counts is the actual potential of the bike.

S pedelec mountainbike

A popular option is a s pedelec mountainbike, which has full suspension and can reach speeds of up to 45km/hr. No more struggling to go up the hill with a snail pace, just so you can enjoy the downhill speeds. With a S pedelec mountainbike you can go as fast up the hill, as you are going down. Conquer larger mountains and cycle longer distances faster with a S Pedelec Mountainbike. Take a look for example at the Legend Etna s pedelec mountainbike or the Gorille s pedelec mountainbike.


Test an S pedelec

With VanSprint you can test the S pedelec first to personally experience the difference between a normal electric bike and a s pedelec. Simply send us an email and ask to test the s pedelec of your choice. This gives you the chance to experience how fast a s pedelec bike can go and how quickly they can reach these speeds.      


The range of the fastest electric bike

The range of an s pedelec is of course a little bit less than the same bike that goes only up to 25km/hr. That is because at higher speeds, the wind resistance is also higher and the motor has to work harder. You can still reach great distances with a s pedelec as battery technologies continually improve. If you want to maximize the distance you can go with your s pedelec than make sure to choose the most powerful battery option.

You’ll find the fastest electric bike at the best prices right here at VanSprint. Can you handle the speed?