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Retro Electric Bike

A Retro Electric bike is a bike that’s based on designs most commonly from the ’60, ‘70s or ‘90s. Each decade representing a specific retro look that was enjoyed back then and is reimagined into an electric retro electric bike. For example, the ‘60s retro electric bikes are based on the café racer motorcycles, while the 70s are the fun bench seat bikes like the Lil’Buddy and the Phatfour. The 90s retro electric bikes are based on the Californian Beach style such as the Beach cruisers. So, if you want to buy a retro electric bike, pick your favourite decade, and your favourite electric bike below!

Retro Electric bike Damen

A ladies retro e bike is typically a retro electric bike with a low step frame, however not exclusively. For example, there are also ladies retro electric bikes with a sloping frame such as a Beach Cruiser. That’s also a reason why retro electric bikes are becoming so popular, since they defy conventional norms and are fun for everyone, male or female, young or old.

Retro E bike Mens

A retro electric bike mens is a more tougher looking retro electric bike, usually a chopper. For example, the Varaneo café racer in all black, based on the timeless café racer motorcycle design from the ‘60s, is a more typical retro electric bike mens although it is of course perfectly suitable for women as well. A great option is going for a “loveseat” retro fatbike such as the Phatfour with double seat or the Ringo. In this way you don’t have to argue with your partner who gets to drive the e bike and whether it’s a women or mens e bike, you can both enjoy the electric bike at the same time as it can sit two people.

Electric bike retro cruiser

An Electric bike retro cruiser is of course a top favourite among retro electric bikes. The reason is given away by its name, because it’s a great bike to cruise around. With the comfortable handlebars and seating position you not only look good, but feel good also. Take a look at some of the great retro electric bike cruisers you can find here!