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Bicycle Sidecar

A bicycle sidecar provides extra stability due to the added wheel, and is therefore a great way to carry your dog, groceries or kids with you in a safe and fun way. The bicycle sidecars you find here are detachable so you can easily remove the sidecar and continue on only the bike if traffic or parking is a problem. You’ll only find the best quality bicycle sidecars from European manufacturers at VanSprint so you can rest assured they will last. With bicycle sidecars from quality European manufactures such as the Beach Vintage from the Italian Bad Bike or the side car bike from Phatfour from the Netherlands. Try out a bicycle sidecar and enjoy a feeling of freedom never experienced before!

Bicycle Sidecar for dogs

A bicycle sidecar is great to use for dogs because it allows them to also enjoy the ride and get fresh air. If you’re going for a long drive or if your dog gets tired from running on a leash, you can just put your dog next to you in the sidecar. The sidecar is perfectly suitable to use for dogs as it’s designed to be even safe to use for children.

Bicycle sidecar for children

Are you looking for something different then just another cargo bike? Then take a look at using a bicycle sidecar to transport your children in. With a comfortable seat and safety straps to secure your children, you can safely use a bicycle sidecar to transport your little ones. Keep in mind however that a sidecar can carry a bit less weight than a cargo bike, with weights of around 50kg to 100kg depending on the sidecar.

History of the bicycle sidecar

The bicycle side car dates back to the early 1900s when it was invented as a cost effective and popular alternative to the automobile. The sidecar has also been used in the military combined with a motorcycle. Mechanized armies used motorcycles with sidecars often as transport vehicles. This military origin is reflected in the Beach Vintage Military Green Fat bike with sidecar. This bike comes in a stealthy military green colour that reminds one of the military use of the sidecar.

Handling of the bicycle sidecar

With the sidecar attached to the bike you still get great handling of the bicycle. It will of course be a little different since there’s a third wheel attached with extra weight. For example, with the Phatfour sidecar bicycle you still get excellent manoeuvrability as there’s a flexible attachment. A sidecar makes the bike asymmetrical. A fixed sidecar mounted on the right of the bike can go faster in left turns than in right turns because the sidecar prevents it from tipping over. With a flexible attachment this becomes less of an issue.

Try out a bicycle sidecar and discover a way of driving that’s both unique and fun!