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Cheap Electric Bike

A cheap electric bike is a great way to get started with your first e bike. Al though the selection here is affordable, you’ll still get great quality options. For example, if you’re looking for an affordable and cheap electric folding bike, then take a look at the Geobike options which are expertly-made folding bikes with an integrated display and high-quality components but manufactured in Poland, which makes them very affordable. The best high-quality yet affordable and cheap electric bike you’ll find right here at VanSprint!

What is a cheap electric bike?

A cheap electric bike is an e bike that is typically built for functionality and costs around 1000 GBP, whereas the average e bike will cost around 2000GBP. These bikes offer assistance with several different power levels and can accelerate the rider up to 25km/h whilst pedalling, allowing up to 100 miles of run time for bikes with the largest batteries. A cheap electric bike will be slightly different to a premium electric bike, although the basic mechanics will be the same. The main motor will typically be hub-based in the rear wheel instead of built into the crankset of the bike itself because this requires less engineering and maintenance. A cheap electric bike will also feature a battery which is not fully integrated into the frame and instead placed on a rear rack or a similar loading area. This can change the weight distribution of the bike, moving the weight to the rear which can make it feel slightly different to a standard bike. A benefit however is that the rear-mounted battery can be easily removed and inserted, allowing for easy charging and maintenance. Th motor will be less powerful than a more premium electric bike and most cheap electric bikes have a battery with a capacity around 250-375wh which can be slightly smaller than on a more expensive option, resulting in a reduced range. There are plenty of different types of cheap electric bike to cater for all styles of riding

Cheap electric folding bike

It is possible to find a cheap electric folding bike packed with excellent features for under £1,500. Electric folding bikes are a great commuting option, with handy folding mechanisms which allow the bike to shrink down to a portable size which can be carried in the boot of a car or on public transport with ease. They will often come equipped with mudguards which are very useful when the weather is bad, plus integrated lighting can ensure you are safe to cycle at night and don’t need to worry about charging your own set of lights. They will often be lighter than a standard electric bike but heavier than a normal folding bike due to the battery and motor technology which is integrated into the bike and can typically weight just over 20kg which is suitable to carry but not over a long distance. A cheap folding e-bike will most likely feature a rear-rack mounted battery and will be powered by a motor in the rear hub, with smaller than average wheels which allow for nippy handling and acceleration through the city traffic.

Cheap electric fat bike

A cheap electric fat bike is another popular style of electric bike. Originally designed with huge tyres to be able to cope with sand and snow, they are notoriously difficult to maintain speed due to the rolling resistance from the tyres. A motor has revolutionised this style of bike, with pedal assistance which allows for much easier cycling of up to 15.5mph. If you’re looking for an electric bike which you can cycle across any terrain in any weather then an electric fat bike is the perfect option for you. As these bikes are much less common than other e-bikes there is a higher price associated with them, so a cheap electric fat bike will cost around £1,700+.

Cheap electric mountain bike

A cheap electric mountain bike can be the perfect option for most riders, able to handle commutes on tarmac and off-road adventures with ease thanks to wider tyres, suspension and the powerful electric motor. A cheap electric mountain bike will often have a rear-hub driven motor with a battery which is mounted on top of the down tube and not integrated as you might find on more premium models. They will typically offer suspension at a lower level than more expensive options, with rim or mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic brakes. A cheap electric mountain bike will be able to handle light trails and technical courses but will struggle on anything more extreme and can typically be found for £1,500+.

Cheap electric bike mid drive

When discussing cheap electric mid-drive bikes, the term mid-drive refers to the location of the motor on the bike itself, set in the centre of the bike. This is a popular design style for modern electric bikes and it consists of a drivetrain-based motor which allows for direct power and a more responsive feel when compared with hub-driven bikes. The motor works by driving the cranks which in turn assists you when pedalling, giving an assistance of up to 25kmh in accordance with UK law. A mid-drive electric bike can also be referred to as a crank-driven electric bike, which simply refers to the location of the motor. This mid-drive motor design has become the industry standard, with many brands shifting from hub-based motors to a crank-driven design instead. Because of the design of a mid-drive e-bike however, it needs to be engineered to a greater standard to accommodate the motor within the chainset and you will find that a cheap mid-drive e-bike can be significantly more expensive than a cheap hub-drive e-bike. You can find both cheap electric men’s and cheap electric women’s bikes which will offer the same level of finishing kit and technology across both styles of bike. Typically, a cheap ladies electric bike will feature a lower top tube which curves into a low step design allowing for the rider to easily hop on and off. A cheap men’s electric bike will have a flatter top tube instead, but both will usually feature a similar spec battery and motor.

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