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Electric Cruiser Bike

An electric cruiser bike is an e bike with a typical rounded frame modelled after a cruiser motorcycle. Similar to an electric chopper bike, this is an e bike intended for relaxed driving along the beach or in the park. An electric cruiser is perhaps even more comfortable to drive than a chopper bike as you don’t sit so low and you don’t have to hold your arms up as high as with a chopper bike. An electric cruiser bike is therefore the epitome of relaxed and smooth driving while getting jealous looks from bystanders when doing so!

What is an Electric Cruiser Bike?

An Electric Cruiser bike is a motor-assisted bike that is based on the California-Beach style of the 80s and 90s, and is therefore also referred to as a Beach Cruiser. A cruiser bike is mainly characterized by its focus on comfort, reflected in an upright seating position, and often with fat tyres, and large, padded saddles for comfortable driving. The fat tyres absorb bumps in the road. With the curved handlebars not only being a design element but that makes it also easy on the wrists. These bikes are perfect for cruising as their name suggests; when you’re not in a rush and the focus is on relaxation and not speed. An Electric Cruiser Bike is typically very similar to a standard cruiser bike but with a range of great extra features including integrated lighting on some models so you’ll never run out of light if night falls, puncture-proof tyres to reduce maintenance and of course a powerful motor and battery to keep you riding over any terrain for longer than ever before.

What are the benefits of an Electric Cruiser Bike?

  • Comfort: A cruiser bike is designed to use for cruising. To that end, cruiser bikes have a large extended handlebars that gives a comfortable seating position. With most cruiser bikes also having fat tyres to make the drive even more smooth.
  • Sleek design to impress: With a specific design focused not only on comfort, but also to impress. With the style being based on the Californian Beach culture from the 80s and 90s, driving a beach cruiser makes an immediate statement that you’re not part of the mainstream.
  • Pedal assistance: An electric cruiser bike will assist you as you pedal, giving equivalent power dependant on how hard you cycle. There are often several different power modes which can help the rider decide how much effort they wish to put into their ride, whether it be minimal or maximum power. They are capped at speeds of 15.5mph or 25kmh which can help you cruise along the coast with ease, no matter the hill or incline.
  • A green alternative to public transport or driving: An electric cruiser bike can help you to change how you travel to work and can be ideal for shorter journeys. You no longer need to stand in a cramped and busy train carriage when you could jump on your electric bike and cruise to work, arriving sweat free and refreshed, with any luggage handily stored away.

What are the Considerations of an Electric Cruiser Bike?

An E-Cruiser Bike isn’t the most efficient or functional bike so you ned to consider if this is the right choice for you. These bikes are typically made for riding along the beach or somewhere flat where the speed is low and the focus is on relaxing and getting attention due to the cool style. If you’re looking for a light, efficient bike then an electric cruiser bike might not be the best choice for you and a fast hybrid bike might be more suitable. It is also important to assess where you will be cycling your new bike because a cruiser bike is typically only suitable for cycling over road and flat paths and not off road or on rough surfaces, unless you have a beach cruiser with fat tyres, which can also handle more unstable terrain like sand, grass and snow

Popular brands of Cruiser bikes

Here at Vansprint we stock some of the best brands of electric cruiser bikes available in the world today.

  • Rayvolt: Rayvolt bikes are the creation of Mathieu Rauzier. Rayvolt wants to fight directly against pollution in cities and they want to replace petrol mopeds and scooters. They believe that light vehicles using fossil fuel will become obsolete. They use state of the art technology, controlled by a main smart computer “brain" called EIVA, whilst offering a vintage style which harks back to the legendary era of motorcycling; the early 1900s Indian motorcycle with the Rayvolt Beachin.
  • Varaneo cruisers are also popular for people who don’t want a fat tyre cruiser. This brand offers an entirely new riding experience with their electric cruiser bikes with normal tyres. Distances are now redefined by their powerful batteries. Now you can become part of their mobility revolution and discover an attractive e-bike range at a super affordable price. In addition to their Cruisers, they also have a great looking Café Racer bike available in multiple colours.
  • Bad Bike is another popular brand available at Vansprint. They are a dynamic company born from Naples, Italy from the heart and the passion of people who have been living and using bicycles for years. A passion that resulted in a range of the most unique pedal assist bikes in the world. Their models combine creativity, craftsmanship and attention to the details, as well as the advanced technology and the innovative and personal design. For example the Bad Bike Beach Cruiser with fat tyres is now also available with matching side car.
  • Gorille is a quality brand from France specializing in fat tyre bikes, among which is the beach cruiser available in 10 different colours as well as in a speed pedelec version that goes up to 45km/hr.