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Electric Tricycle for adults

An Electric Tricycle is a 3 wheel electric bike for adults, and is a great way to enjoy an e bike in a new and exciting way without having to worry about falling. Forget about a regular boring tricycle, with an electric tricycle you'll want to hop on your bike whenever you can. Whether it’s a cargo-style bike you’re looking for like the Triobike Mono or the Rayvolt Trixie, or a rickshaw-style with the Triobike Taxi, or something even more unique like the Bad Bike Beach Vintage with detachable sidecar? Whatever electric tricycle you’re looking for, you’ll find it at VanSprint!

What is an electric tricycle?

An electric tricycle is an electric bicycle but with three wheels instead of two. It is common to find an electric bicycle tricycle with two wheels at the rear and one at the front, but it is also possible to find an electric tricycle with two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear instead. Tricycles with two wheels at the rear allow for nippy turning at the front of the bike and a rear-weighted and balanced ride which is great for increased weight at the rear of the bike. They can sometimes struggle around corners and require a greater level of skill when manoeuvring. An electric tricycle with two wheels at the front is very sturdy when cornering and can offer improved manoeuvring in the rear of the bike, whilst storing increased weight at the front of the bike. An electric tricycle will typically weigh significantly more than a standard electric bicycle due to the reinforced frame which features an axel and stronger elements able to hold greater maximum weight. The electric motor and battery will not affect the handling to such an extent as a standard e-bike might because the overall weight is already heavier, plus they can often have more powerful motors to combat this. It is quite difficult to ride a tricycle which is laden with luggage without a motor so an electric tricycle has revolutionised this type of bike. They have become popular with courier cyclists and small companies who need to carry heavy loads around the city but don’t want to get stuck in traffic as you might in a car. Electric tricycles are popular for many reasons but a key benefit they have over a two-wheeled e-bike is that a tricycle will be able to carry luggage and large volumes much easier and with greater control and balance. They can often have a larger battery than an e-bike which allows for an extended range and a full-day of cycling, dependant on riding conditions. Most electric tricycles offer pedal-assist functionality where the motor will assist you with extra power when you cycle. In accordance with UK law they are restricted to a maximum speed of 15.5mph so above this the motor will cut out.

What are electric tricycles for?

Electric tricycles are the perfect choice for the busy family who need to transport large volumes or even their children. You will find many tricycles can fulfil the same duties as a cargo bicycle, with storage available to add on to the tricycle. They are also an excellent option for the cyclist who yearns for a relaxing and comfortable ride, with a stable and reassuring frame design which is always supported so that the tricycle will not tip over when left unattended. An electric tricycle is also ideal for the older cyclist, offering the opportunity to relax and enjoy an outdoor cycle ride but with the reassurance of a safe riding position and the benefits of a powerful electric motor which can power you up steep hills and against heavy winds. They are also great for stopping and starting due to their standalone frame, allowing the rider to easily mount and dismount. If you are not interested in the potential storage benefits of an electric tricycle then you can focus on the additional comfort and security of riding with three wheels compared to two, plus there is additional adjustment for pedalling which can allow for a relaxed or more upright riding position.

Types of electric tricycle

There are lots of types of electric tricycle which are ideal for different purposes and types of rider. Step-through electric tricycle: Step-through electric tricycles are a popular style of tricycle which allow for easy mounting and are ideal for those with restricted mobility. The name refers to the frame itself not having a top tube and only a downtube, which allows the user to easily step through the frame to sit on the saddle. This is great for those wearing clothes which restrict mobility such as a skirt, plus it’s a great choice for older cyclists who might struggle to lift their leg over the top tube frame common on most normal bikes. Dutch-style electric tricycle: The name originates from their country of creation: The Netherlands. These bikes typically have the step-through bicycle frame previously described but also a number of features which gives a Dutch bike its distinctive look. These include a basket which is typically attached in front of the handlebars and allows for easy storage. They will also have a classic styling, usually with a dark frame and silver wheels plus mudguards are common and can help prevent the rider from getting wet and dirty if the weather turns. Electric cargo tricycle: An electric cargo tricycle is a type of tricycle which is designed specifically to be able to transport heavy loads with ease, whether its through the city or across the countryside. They will typically feature several different storage areas, usually on the front of the bike, which can carry heavy and large loads in excess of 100 litres and over 100kg. They are also perfect for transporting children on the way to school, making the commute effortless thanks to the powerful electric motor and impressive battery range.

What wheel size does an electric tricycle have?

Electric tricycles can feature different wheel sizes dependant on their design or use. A tricycle which is intended for city use will usually feature smaller wheels for nimble handling and rapid manoeuvres, whilst Dutch-style tricycles are more often seen with classic 26” wheels which are ideal for rolling along on smooth roads. Some tricycles have wider wheels and chunky tyres for off-road cycling, whilst fast moving tricycles are made for city use. It is unlikely you will find a tricycle with 27.5 or 29” wheels as this will ad additional weight and result in a heavy, slow-turning build which isn’t functional or suitable. Tricycles will often have smaller than average wheels to offer a lower centre of gravity which is crucial when bearing heavy loads to keep the tricycle stable and strong.

How far can I cycle on my electric tricycle?

Whilst the average journey on an electric tricycle is typically not as far as other types of electric bicycle due to the se, they still boast powerful motors and large batteries. Some cargo bikes can weigh in excess of 70kg so it is vital the motor is powerful to be able to handle this weight, and a larger than average battery will also help. Most electric tricycles can still be used with pedal assistance for up to 50 miles in ideal conditions which allows for a number of different short trips around the city, or a leisurely weekend cruise along a cycle path. You should consider tricycles with a battery capacity of greater than 500wh as this will ensure you don’t find yourself cycling without assistance if the charge runs out. Some electric tricycles can have up to 1000wh batteries which is a great benefit and allows for extensive cycling all day long. An electric tricycle will also have a powerful motor due to the increased weight, allowing you to ride the tricycle up the same steep hills as you would with a regular electric bicycle. They will typically be crank-driven where the motor sits within the drivetrain, however you can occasionally find hub-based tricycles as well.

Where can you ride an electric tricycle?

Electric tricycles are commonly designed to be cycled on tarmac and paved areas. This is because of the frame which is strengthened and rigid, allowing for good power transfer but not overly good off-road capabilities. Their audience are predominantly city riders which is another reason as to why they are designed for tarmac, with narrow wheels and fast-rolling tyres made for cruising along on the road with minimal effort. There are off-road electric tricycles however which buck this trend and offer an impressive design made for riding off-road.