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Lightweight Electric Bike

If you’re thinking of a lightweight electric bike most likely what comes to mind first is a lightweight electric folding bike. While it’s true that most electric folding bikes are light weight, there are also other options if you’re looking for a light weight electric bike. For example,s the Coh&Co Erik Urban Electric which weighs only 13kgs. Whatever you’re looking for, the best lightweight electric bike you’ll find at VanSprint!

Weight of an electric Bike

The weight of an electric bike is higher than that of a normal bike because of the additional components such as the motor and the battery. The weight of an electric bike is therefore mainly determined by the weight of the motor and the battery. Now the good news is that the weight of an electric bike is reported with battery included, but the battery can most of the time be removed. This instantly makes the bike several kilos lighter depending on the battery. Also, battery and motor technologies are continually improving, making the weight of an electric bike getting closer and closer over time to that of a non-electric bike.


Electric Bike under 20 kg

An e bike under 20 kg is considered lightweight as a rough rule of thumb. All e bikes you’ll find here are therefore also less than 20kg. There is a wide variation in this category still as there are e bikes that are just 20kgs and there are e bikes that weigh a mere 13kg. With an e bike that weighs less than 20kg most people should be able to pick them up, especially if you remove the battery to make it even lighter. The kids electric bikes that we offer are also well below 20kg which makes it easier for kids to carry their bikes by hand or even carry it up the stairs if necessary.


Lightweight electric folding bike

If you’re looking to buy a lightweight electric folding bike then you’ve come to the right place. With several options for a lightweight electric folding bike, you can choose the one that suits you the best. A popular option is the Legend Monza due to its compact size and integrated ebikemotion system. The Monza only weights 19kg including battery and if you take out the battery the weight immediately drops with a few kilos. With the folding steering wheel the entire bike folds up to a compact size that you can easily carry with you anywhere and anytime.


Ultra lightweight electric bike

For an ultra-lightweight electric bike that’s closer to 10kg instead of 20kg we also have several options. For example, the Coh&Co Erik Urban electric weighs around 13kg including battery. This bike you can easily carry with you anywhere and up the stairs as well. There are also some electric folding bikes that get close to 10kg, such as some EOVOLT models.