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Folding Electric Bike

A folding electric bike is a great way to be extremely mobile and fast at the same time!

A folding e bike has many benefits, for example you can easily fold it up and take it with you in your commute in the train or bus, especially if you opt for a small folding electric bike. With a small folding e bike you benefit from the lightweight which makes it easier to carry around. Whether you’re looking for an affordable cheap electric folding bike, a folding electric bike with great suspension or you’re looking for the lightest electric folding bike, the best folding electric bikes you will find right here at All our folding electric bikes are of the highest quality and perfect for everyday use during your work commute!

Folding Electric Bike

A folding electric bike is a great way to be extremely mobile and fast at the same time!

Best folding electric bike

Folding electric bikes have become extremely popular in recent years. They provide a fantastic solution for city dwellers that want a low-cost way of commuting and offer an unparalleled level of convenience. Their small size allows you to store them easily at home or work, but they are also easy to pack into a car or carry-on public transport.

People have started to realise the benefits of owning a folding electric bike; therefore, choices are abundant for the soon-to-be owner. You can choose folding electric bikes to suit any budget, but it can be challenging to decide which one to buy.

In this post, we will go through what you need to look out for. We will also give you our recommendation for the best folding electric bike available right now.

Choosing the best folding electric bike for you

The motor

Most people that choose any kind of electric bike try to buy one with lots of power. Lots of power helps you keep up with traffic, speed up hills and allow you to arrive at your destination looking fresh, rather than hot and sweaty.

The great news about powerful motors with high torque ratings is that they are filtering down into more affordable bikes. The technology needed for these torquey motors is now being transferred into more affordable controllers. This, combined with a new generation of hub motors, is bringing the price of these bikes down.

The majority of folding electric bikes use motors that are mounted into the rear hub. The most significant advantage of using rear hub-mounted motors is that they are small. Small motors don’t take up much space and are relatively lightweight, which doesn’t upset the bikes handling too much.

Most folding electric bikes are powered by a 250 to 350W motor, with more powerful options available. However, they often have a higher rating that they can reach for a brief period. You also need to consider how much torque a motor produces. Higher torque motors will accelerate quickly and make your bike feel more powerful.

If you need to carry cargo or shopping, you will benefit from buying a bike with a more powerful motor. The extra torque will allow you to climb steep hills much easier when your bike is fully laden.

The battery

When buying a folding electric bike, you need to pay attention to a couple of numbers on the battery specifications. I.e., the voltage (V) and Amp Hours (Ah). Many electric bikes come with 36V of 48V batteries. Bikes with 48V batteries are more expensive but are more powerful. When it comes to Amp-hours, the higher the value, the more charge the battery can hold, making the range longer.

Assistance from the motor
There are two main ways you get assistance from an electric bike:

  • Pedal Assist: A pedal assist bike gives you additional power as you pedal. You are still exercising, but the motor is amplifying the effort you put into the pedals. You can select how much assistance you get from the motor, so you can turn your ride into a workout if you want, or to extend your bike’s range.
  • Throttle Assist: Throttle assist bikes power the wheel without the need for you to pedal. Al you need to do is push a button or twist the throttle, and away you go.

There are electric bikes available that mix the two systems. These allow you to pedal when you want to, but when you want a rest, you can whizz along using the throttle alone until your battery runs out. These bikes give you the best of both worlds.


No matter what motor your folding electric bike has, most of them are in the Class 1 category, which means they have to cut off their assistance at 20mph. The reason for this is so people can be reasonably safe when riding on cycle paths. Also, some countries restrict what you can ride on the roads without certain registrations and permits.

If you want something faster, a Class 3 electric bike cuts off your assistance at 28mph. However, you will need to check if these are legal in your part of the world. It is worth noting that these bikes have more powerful motors and a larger, heavier battery. This is great in a straight line, but their handing is a little more cumbersome, so you have to decide what is more important to you.

Size and Weight

When you are choosing a folding electric bike, size and weight are important factors. Folding electric bikes weigh less than conventional electric bikes. But if you need to haul it up ten flights of stairs or stash it under your bed, a smaller and lighter bike would be the best choice for you.

Wheel Size

Wheel size of any bike is a serious consideration, as it makes a difference to how it rides. However, when it comes to choosing a folding electric bike, the wheel size will affect how compact it is once folded.

Many folding electric bikes roll on 20” wheels so they can pack down to a small size. You can even go as low as bikes with 16” wheels if space is real problem for you. However, some folding electric bikes roll on standard bike wheel sizes.

Manufacturers will choose various wheel sizes so they can create specific riding characteristics. The most common wheel sizes you will see are:

  • 26”: The 26” wheel size is an older mountain bike standard. These wheels provide agile handing, making your bike fun to ride and easy to weave around obstacles and corners.
  • 27.5” (650b): 27.5” wheels are also known as 650b and are regarded as the sweet spot for many mountain bikers. The advantage of this larger diameter is their ability to roll over bumps easier while giving a slightly faster straight-line speed.
  • 29” (700c): 700c wheels have a 29” diameter, making a very smooth ride and efficient pedalling. However, they don’t give a bike the agility smaller wheel sizes do. In addition to this, bikes with 29” wheels are not as compact when folded.

It is worth noting that a 29” mountain bike tyre will not fit on a 29” road bike wheel. This is because the tyre widths are dramatically different.