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Mens Electric Bike

A mens electric bike is an e bike with a straigh bar frame. This can be either a trekking bike, hybrid bike or a mountainbike. As opposed to a ladies electric bike which has a low step frame. When choosing a mens electric bike, consider how you will use it, if you're using it mainly to get to work, consider a city bike. If you want to use it for leasurely activities, consider a mens electric hybrid bike. If you're looking for intensive off-road use, you'll need a mens electric mountain bike. Whatever model you're looking for, you'll find it at VanSprint!

What is a men’s electric bike?

A men’s electric bike is an electric bike which has a geometry which is specific to men to enable more comfortable cycling. These bikes will often have a flat top-tube, a higher stand over height and a longer wheelbase to cater for taller riders. The electric aspect of a men’s e-bike will stay the same no matter which gender, if it is men’s specific, unisex or a women’s e-bike. Men’s electric bikes are the perfect option for those looking to cycle further with less effort and are ideal for longer leisure rides, commuting and everything in between. An electric bike gives assistance when you pedal up to 15.5 mph and can help to tackle steep hills with ease. Electric Men’s Bikes have different power options dependant on how much power the rider requires, often with a turbo mode which allows for maximum motor power. Men’s Electric Bikes can often come equipped with lights, mudguards, luggage racks and a kickstand as helpful accessories which elevate these innovative bikes above a standard bicycle.

Are men’s electric bikes specifically for men?

The simple answer is no. Men’s electric bikes can of course be also driven by women. There are design elements however which traditionally have been applied to either what’s now called a men’s or a women’s e bike. A men’s electric bike will often have a longer wheelbase, straight top tube and a taller stand over height to cater for taller riders, whilst women’s e-bikes will often have a step-through frame which allows for easier access.

Types of Mens Electric Bike

There are a wide range of men’s electric bikes which cater to all riding styles and riding disciplines.

  • Mens hybrid electric bike

    Perhaps the most popular option is a men’s hybrid electric bike which is names due to its all-round usability. These bikes are ideal for commuting, cycling on tarmac roads and through cities. They will often have standard width tyres which are capable on unpaved tracks as well as asphalt roads, making them ideal for commuting. Their geometry will be fairly neutral, not too upright but also not too aggressive, ideal for relaxed leisure rides instead of racing. These bikes are often the most equipped and capable, with many of the features previously mentioned which help you to cycle to year-round thanks to powerful lights, mudguards and more.
  • Men’s electric mountain bike

    The next most popular type of electric men’s bike is arguably the men’s electric mountain bike, which boasts a much wider tyre with lots of tread, perfect for taming local trails. These bikes have found huge popularity in recent years due to their impressive power and extensive range. No longer do you need to struggle up a steep hill when you can simply power up the climb using the powerful motor. These bikes will often be slightly heavier than other e-bikes due to the more durable design, wider tyres and stronger wheels to withstand greater impacts.
  • Men’s electric folding bike

    Men’s folding e-bikes are also popular and are impressively portable, allowing the rider to transport it on public transport. They will often have a slightly lower range due to their smaller frame, but are ideal for city riding, with the smaller wheels allowing for easier acceleration from traffic lights. Another category of men’s e bike are electric road bikes, and these are still fairly new. With a greater focus on design, these sleek e-road bikes will often have integrated batteries and closely resemble a non-electric road bike. They are ideal for fast tarmac cycling, allowing older riders to keep up on club rides, whilst also being able to ride further than ever before. Most modern e-bikes also have a handy motor cut-off after the top speed is reached which allows for the bike to be cycled just like a standard road bike, without any resistance from the motor.
  • Men’s electric trekking bike

    There are also men’s electric trekking bikes which feature an upright riding position, perfect for all-day cycling. These bikes are not focused on weight or speed and instead are made to be durable, efficient and low-maintenance; easy to maintain if on a solo cycling ride. Men’s trekking e-bikes will often come equipped with a rear rack for luggage and panniers, plus there will helpful features such as puncture-proof tyres and integrated lighting which runs off the bike battery.
  • Men’s electric mid drive bike

    When talking about men’s electric mid drive bike the term mid-drive refers to the location of the motor on the electric bike, in this case sitting in the centre of the bike. This is a popular design for modern e-bikes and it consists of a drivetrain-based motor which allows for direct and instant power when compared with hub-driven bikes. The motor works by powering the cranks which in turn assists you when pedalling, giving an assistance of up to 15.5mph in accordance with UK law.

What wheel size does a men’s electric bike have?

Men’s electric bikes can have a wide variety of different wheel sizes, dependant on style and required use. There are benefits and disadvantages of each wheel size and it is important to focus on where you will be riding the bicycle first and foremost. The largest wheel size is a 29-inch wheel which can be found on 29-inch wheel electric men’s mountain bikes, ideal for absorbing bumps and lumps whilst offering an impressive rolling momentum due to the large size. These wheels are often more difficult to accelerate due to the size and weight, plus they might not be suited to short riders. The next size down is 28-inch or commonly known as 700c. This wheel size is popular and the industry standard for most road and hybrid bikes, allowing for good rolling speed on smooth roads, whilst also being able to accelerate quickly too. Men’s electric 28-inch and 700c bikes are beneficial because the wheels can be easily replaced if damaged, although it is worth noting that they rarely feature wide tyres compared to a mountain bike 29-inch wheel.

The next smaller wheel size is 27.5” and this is common to mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes. With good rolling resistance and bump absorption this is a popular and well-regarded wheel size, allowing for quick acceleration as well as speed. 26” men’s electric mountain bikes are still common but often found on lower-end models as this is slightly older technology. The wheel will accelerate quicky and s a great option for city bikes but not as versatile for off-road. Below this sit a plethora of different sizes which are used by folding bikes and can allow for nippy acceleration and handling but might struggle at high speeds.