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Rayvolt E Bike chopper Cruzer 45km/hr Green M 550Wh

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Product information "Rayvolt E Bike chopper Cruzer 45km/hr Green M 550Wh"

What makes this bike unique?

The Rayvolt Cruzer Chopper bike 45km/hr is inspired by the first era of motorcycles dating back to the early 1900s, combined with the 60s California beach culture. This vintage motorcycle style has been complemented with the latest in motor and battery technology to create a fusion between retro and modern. With the rounded frame, extended higher handlebars, and low seating position you’ll get the feeling of driving a motorcycle. Consider the dual battery version of 120km to make scenic tours along the seaside.

Looking to customize your Cruzer? Then contact us to get the bike in the colour of your choice.

With two options for the motor, the smart hub 25km/hr or the 45km/hr power hub. With the large power hub motor, you have the choice to switch between 25km/hr and 45km/hr so you can also use it on the public roads, and when you’re on private terrain switch back to 45km/hr and feel the power of this bike!

Sprint through the characteristics

  • Unique chopper design that impresses any bystander
  • Battery charges while braking to maximize the range and efficiency
  • Dual battery option to extend the range to 120km
  • Anti-theft functions such as locking the motor with a simple press of the button
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone to check functions such as speed, battery, etc.
  • Customize with your desired colour and accessories

Components in detail


There are two options for the battery, either a single battery version or a dual battery. With a single battery consisting of a 104 Samsung SDI lithium cells, arranged in parallel and in series, giving you 550Wh battery capacity and a range of 60km. With the dual battery version, you’ll get 1100Wh battery capacity and a range of 120km.


The Rayvolt Hub Motor is by far one of the most advanced power units on the market. A pure sine wave controller enables ultra-direct and precise control of the motor which offers many advantages such as less vibration, less noise, better acceleration and better utilization of the available energy = greater range. There are two motor variants available, the smart hub and the power hub. The power hub has a capacity of up to 1000W and can go up to 45km/hr.


Rayvolt has developed an electronic braking and energy recovery system. When the brake lever is actuated, the system sends an electronic signal to the engine control unit. The motor then switches to a level that creates resistance from the torque. This is used to charge the batteries.

Put simply: The RAYVOLT brakes work like an extremely powerful dynamo as soon as you apply them.

The engine brake also serves as an anti-theft device. You can block the engine at the push of a button so that the bike cannot be stolen.


The rayvolt cruzer is designed in a motorcycle chopper style. That means a low seating position and higher handlebars. This makes the bike look cool standing still or you driving on it as the higher handlebar gives a unique seating position. With leather finished handlegrips, the handlebar indeed looks much like that of a chopper motorcycle.


What makes a chopper bike, a chopper, is of course the handlebar, seating, and the frame that connects the two. With an extended, upward curved frame that is built to impress, this bike really will draw the attention anywhere it goes. The smooth flowing curves of the frame hint towards the 60s California beach style and are reminiscent of the ocean waves. With the battery integrated in the frame this bike maintains the retro vintage look without directly revealing its powerful capacity.


The Cruzer has an optional lighting system in a matching retro style with an extra-large headlight. This large headlight is modelled after the headlight you’ll find on motorcycles. The Cruzer lighting system is not just functional, but adds a lot to the design of the bike and provides the finishing touch. Find it in the accessories below.

What else should I know?

There are 2 options for the motor. With the power hub version of the Cruzer you can switch between 25km/hr and 45km/hr so you can use it on public roads as well as speed up to 45km/hr on private terrain. There are also 2 options for battery capacity, single battery or dual battery for a greater range. The accessories such as a vintage light set, saddle bags, etc. are optional and you’ll find them in the accessories or ask us about them. You can also contact us if you’re looking to get this bike in a custom colour.

Properties "Rayvolt E Bike chopper Cruzer 45km/hr Green M 550Wh"
Type of bike: Electric Fat Bike, Electric Chopper Bike, Fastest Electric Bike, Retro Electric Bike
Battery capacity: 550Wh
Colour: Green
Weight: 29kg
Wheel size: 24 inch
Warranty: 2 years
Motor placement: Hub drive (rear)
Motor capacity (watts): 250 W
Torque: 100Nm
Battery placement: In frame
Suspension: Rigid
Frame: Sloping frame
Range: Up to 40 miles
Drive train: Chain drive
Battery upgrade: No
Max. speed: 45km/hr

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