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Electric Hybrid Bike Econic One Urban Smart L 48cm Black

Product number: VS1523.6


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Product information "Electric Hybrid Bike Econic One Urban Smart L 48cm Black"

What makes this bike unique?

The Econic One Urban Smart Hybrid Electric Bike will make you look forward to your Monday morning work commute. Hand-assembled out of quality components and put together for your enjoyment. With an impressive 140km range, you’ll be able to use this bike throughout the entire week for your work commute, and even some light trails in the weekend before you park it for a quick recharge on Sunday. Designed for the active city commuter, it’s an extremely comfortable bike that has 63mm front suspension built in to handle any urban obstacle and even some off-road terrains.

With a powerful motor that pushes you effortlessly, this bike ensures you won’t have to break a sweat when biking to work. Combine this with the mudguards and you’ll arrive at work fast and fresh.

Sprint through the characteristics

  • Impressive 500Wh battery with 140km range allows you to use this bike throughout the entire week.
  • Powerful 250W rear hub motor to push through any terrain.
  • Adjustable 63mm front suspension to ride comfortably anywhere.
  • Derailleur Shimano Alivio derailleur with 9 speeds for precision control.
  • Keep your bike safe with smart functions such as remote locking, live tracking and sensor notifications.

How your Econic One bike is kept safe

  • You will always know where your bike is at all times with live GPS tracking.
  • Forgot to lock your bike? No worries, with the remote access via your phone you can lock and unlock your e-bike remotely.
  • Someone tries to pick up your bike? You’ll be instantly notified with the anti-theft alarm on your mobile app.
  • Optional anti-theft insurance on every Econic One bike so even in the unlikely case of theft, you’re covered.



The Econic One Urban Smart hybrid e bike comes with an integrated battery built seamlessly in the frame which makes it almost impossible to distinguish this from a regular bike. The in-house assembled lithium-ion battery with 36V, 500Wh capacity uses Samsung cells to achieve an impressive 140km range. This allows for a full week of riding before you would need a recharge. Going for a 2-week vacation? Pack a spare battery and quickly replace it on the go. Weighing a mere 2.7kg it’s easy to carry and to pack a spare and replace it on the go with a simple turning of the key. Additionally, the quality components ensure that you can enjoy a long battery life.


The 250W rear hub motor will provide you with more than enough power to push you through any terrain. With an independent drive system, you’ll have little to no maintenance and no extra stress to other components is added. With the rear hub motor creating a feeling of being pushed as you would have on a motorcycle. The 5 levels of pedal assist will allow you to adjust the power needed as your terrain changes.


With the adjustable front fork suspension, you can bike comfortably through the city. It’s even suitable to hit some light off road trails with. The adjustable fork makes it easy to adjust your front suspension travel for any type of terrain you’ll be riding on.


No matter how fast you’re going and on which terrain you’re driving, with the responsive braking from the Hydraulic Disc Brakes BR-MT200 Hydraulic brakes you get instant stopping power.


Navigate any terrain with the precision shifting of the Shimano Alivio 9 speeds derailleur which allows for full control and smooth gear shifting.


With a smooth sloping frame built from a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy that is hand-painted with a high-quality powder coating making it highly resistant to scratches and keep it shiny and brand new, this bike looks ever so inviting, and will make you want to hit the trails whenever you can.

With the no-nonsense design that conceals the battery directly in the frame you’ll be hard-pressed to identify any trace that reveals this stunning hybrid bike to actually be an electric hybrid bike.

Able to carry a load of up to 115kg, the frame geometry is engineered to find a perfect balance between durability, stability and comfort with a slightly more upright position.


The large Continental Ride Tour Tires 1.75x28 makes it comfortable to drive through the city. With the large 28” tires you’ll have stability and control in any terrain. Bigger and thicker tires than the standard urban bike tires.

Handle grips

When going off road the anti-slip handle grips will come in handy. When using it as a city bike, the ergonomic grips with palm rest support will prevent unnecessary pressure on your hands and wrists, making it comfortable for everyday use.


With front and rear fends to keep you and your bike nice and clean during your daily work commute even in bad weather conditions. Additionally, the fenders also help protect the moving components which reduces their wear and tear in the long term.

What else should I know?

The non-smart version is definitely a great deal if you want a great bike and are also not concerned with the possibility of it being stolen. However, if theft is a concern for you then we would recommend the smart version which has solid anti-theft measures built in. For only around 250 GBP more you get smart anti-theft functions such as remote locking, live tracking, and a motion-sensor alarm that goes off when someone tries to pick up the bike when it’s locked. Want more security? There is the option to immediately purchase anti-theft insurance with this bike.

Speaking of value for money, don’t forget to pick up a spare battery so you can easily swap out your battery while on the go and never get left stranded and get more out of your Econic One bike!

Properties "Electric Hybrid Bike Econic One Urban Smart L 48cm Black"
Carrying capacity: 120kg
Type of bike: Mens Electric Bike, Electric Hybrid Bike, Mens Electric Hybrid Bike
Motor Brand: Bafang
Colour: Black
Wheel size: 28 inch
Frame: Sloping frame
Motor placement: Hub drive (rear)
Battery placement: In frame
Motor capacity (watts): 250 W
Battery capacity: 500Wh
Weight: 22kg
Torque: 45Nm
Number of gears: 9
Suspension: Front Suspension
Range: Up to 100 miles
Brake system: Hydraulic disc
Max. speed: 25km/hr
Drive train: Chain drive
Gear system: Derailleur
Derailleur: Shimano Alivio
Warranty: 2 years
Size: Large
The Econic One bikes come in 3 different sizes:
  • M size for people with a height up to 180cm
  • L size for people with a height between 180 and 185cm
  • XL size for people with a height above 185cm

Installation is very simple and quick. Please find here an instruction video on installation.
Should you still have any doubts however, we would advise to bring the bike to the local specialist who would be able to install it for you.
The dimensions of the box are 175cmх23cmх82cm. The precise weight depends on the model and accessories you have chosen but you can expect the weight to be around 30kg.
In the box you will find your electric bicycle fitted with the rear wheel, also the quick release skewer, the front wheel, pedals, charger, battery keys, seat post and a multitool. We have also prepared for you a short assembly guide and, of course, the warranty for your E-Bike.
The click-and-plug charging allows you to charge the battery in three steps - remove the battery from the bike; connect it to the charger and plug the charger into a wall outlet. Give it up to four hours and you are ready to roll. Note: you can also charge the battery while it is still on the bike.

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April 6, 2022 15:26

Für mich perfekt!

Ich habe mich nach längerer Suche und mehreren Probefahrten, für das Econicone Urban Smart entschieden. Für mich das perfekte E-bike. Es ist relativ leicht, hat eine sehr gute Optik und Verarbeitung. Es fährt sich super und der Antrieb unterstützt kräftig und leise. Auch ohne Unterstützung läuft es noch sehr gut, was für mich auch ein Kaufkriterium war. Die Bedienung und das Display finde ich besser als bei manchen Konkurrenten. Auch danke an Vansprint für die sehr freundliche und kompetente Beratung und die super schnelle Lieferung.


February 1, 2022 15:01

Econic One Urban Smart

Ich habe mich im November 21 nach langer Suche für das Econic One Urban Smart endschieden. Und kann nur sagen, dass es die richtige Endscheidung war. Vom Aussehen über die Verarbeitung bis zur Ausstattung einfach klasse. Das Gewicht ist trotz der Vorderradfederung relativ leicht und durch den Hinterradantrieb, der seidenweich und lautlos unterstützt, lässt sich das Bike auch sehr gut ohne Unterstützung (was für mich ein Kaufkriterium war) fahren. Steuerung und Display super. Akku rein und raus sehr leicht. Für mich mit 1,83 ist der L Rahmen genau richtig. Habe mir nur den Vorbau ausgetauscht/optimiert. Klare Kaufempfehlung. so gut wie perfekt


January 23, 2022 13:37

Heerlijke fiets

Zonder abnormale prijs een goede fiets. Rij er per dag 60 kilometer. Prima te doen op een acculading met volle ondersteuning. Dus een zeer tevreden klant.


November 12, 2021 08:23


Das Rad ist relativ leicht, das Fahrgefühl mit diesem Motor ist phantastisch. Bremsen und Schaltung sind gut, der Sattel ist überraschend bequem. Lediglich die Lenkergriffe sind sehr einfach und wurden sofort ausgetauscht. Grösster Kritikpunkt ist die Rahmengröße. Der XL Rahmen ist für mich mit 1,88 Körpergröße etwas zu klein. Da wäre ein 54er oder 56er Rahmen idealer. Durch den Austausch des Vorbaus und der damit etwas höheren Sitzhaltung konnte dieses Problem behoben werden. Durch den kleinen Rahmen setzt man in Kurven auch sehr schnell mit den Pedalen auf, so dass man sein Fahrverhalten entsprechend anpassen sollte. Ansonsten ist das Rad so gut wie perfekt.