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Electric Fat Bike BEACH 500W Green

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Product information "Electric Fat Bike BEACH 500W Green"

What makes this bike unique?

The Beach Fat cruiser in 500W gives you so much power that it feels like you’re on a motorcycle. Al though this 500W is only allowed on private property, the 250W version you can even take to the beach. This bike is made to cross difficult terrain while looking cool. With its extra thick tires, it can easily cross terrain that other bikes would struggle on such as sand, mud and snow.

The Beach Fat cruiser is therefore not extremely functional but also just looks very cool. With a high handlebar, “American Style”, it’ll feel like you’re driving a motorcycle.

With the choice between 4 different colours and a 250W or 500W version you can find the beach fat cruiser that suits you the best!

Sprint through the characteristics

  • Reinforced aluminium rims with a width of 40mm
  • Powerful 500W motor to push you through any terrain
  • With the Juggernaut fat tyres 26 x 4,00” you can drive through anything
  • Extra wide and comfortable saddle with suspension to absorb shocks when driving over rough terrain
  • LED light is easily operated from the display on the handlebar
  • 7 speed Shimano derailleur to quickly and easily shift gears when needed
  • Integrated handlebar display with many options

Components in detail


With a 36V 13ah Samsung cell battery with 468Wh performance you are guaranteed to have enough fuel in the tank to drive this cruiser. Fully charged within 4 to 6 hours and with at least 800 recharges, this battery will definitely do the job.


The Bafang 8 Fun RMG06 500W motor provides you with enough power to drive through those difficult terrains. Want to stay road legal? Take a look at the 250W version.


With front and rear Tektro disc brakes you have powerful stopping power when driving through difficult terrain.


What makes this bike perhaps stand out the most is its upright handlebars. This unique cruiser design provides for a comfortable driving experience as you don’t have to lean forward to rest your hands on the handlebars. This unique handlebar combined with a powerful motor will truly give you the feeling you’re driving a motorcycle.

Gear system

With the Shimano 7 speed derailleur you can quickly and reliably shift gears when going off road for example. Planning to bike to the beach and through sand? Quickly shift down to a lower gear to continue biking effortlessly.


Another thing that stands out on the Beach Fat cruiser is its frame, which mimics that off a motorcycle. That’s not a coincidence, as this cruiser bike is designed to give you the feeling of driving a motorcycle. With smooth lines mirroring the aerodynamic design of a motorcycle and an extra bar running through the middle of the frame which resembles the gastank on a normal motorcycle.


The tires of course define this bike as a Fat bike Beach cruiser. That refers to the fat tires which are specifically designed to be able to handle any difficult terrain. These Juggernaut 26” tires can handle anything and will give you a solid basis and making it very difficult for you to fall off this bike.


This beach cruiser bike doesn’t only look very cool. It also comes packed with technology as you might expect from an e bike. For example the LED lights provide excellent lighting at night and can easily be controlled from the display already mounted on the handlebar.

What else should I know?

The Beach Fat cruiser comes in 4 different colours (black, military green, aluminium/red, aluminium/black) and is available in both a 250W and a 500W motor version. Do you have pets? Then take a look at the Beach Vintage cruiser which has a sidecar in which you can carry your pets or put all your beach equipment in when driving to the beach. Need more carrying capacity? Consider adding an optional rear rack specifically made for the fat tires of this bike.

Such a great looking bike of course needs to be locked securely. Take a look at the matching Bad Bike Abus lock.

Properties "Electric Fat Bike BEACH 500W Green"
Carrying capacity: 120kg
Type of bike: Electric Fat Bike, Electric Cruiser Bike, Fastest Electric Bike
Battery capacity: 468Wh
Colour: Green
Weight: 26kg
Wheel size: 26 inch
Warranty: 2 years
Motor placement: Hub drive (rear)
Motor capacity (watts): 500 W
Torque: 100Nm
Battery placement: Mid frame
Number of gears: 7
Suspension: Rigid
Frame: Sloping frame
Range: Up to 50 miles
Brake system: Hydraulic disc
Drive train: Chain drive
Max. speed: 45km/hr
Gear system: Derailleur
Derailleur: Shimano Altus

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