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Electric Cruiser Bike Varaneo Beachcruiser Black Matt

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Product information "Electric Cruiser Bike Varaneo Beachcruiser Black Matt"

What makes this bike unique?

The Varaneo Beach Cruiser black matt has a smooth rounded frame that just invites you to take this bike out to the beach for a cool leisurely drive on a hot summer afternoon. With the ergonomically shaped handlebars you’ll have a relaxed sitting position. The sleek and modern integrated colour LCD display gives you immediate access to all info you need and control over speed assistance and the bike lights. Speed up with the simple press of a button. Ready to park the bike? Remove the battery by using the folding function of the saddle.

The high-quality synthetic leather handles with palm rests are not only comfortable, but give an elegant finish of the bike that matches with the synthetic leather saddle. Ready to take off again? Use the start assist to quickly accelerate the beach cruiser to approx. 6 km / hr with a simple press of a button, without having to pedal!

Sprint through the characteristics

  • Range up to 80 km so you can cruise down the entire boulevard and back
  • Integrated colour display to give convenient access to controls and information
  • Shimano derailleur with 7 speeds to quickly adjust the gears to your surroundings
  • 26 inch Kenda tires with great traction and sportive drive
  • BAFANG 250W motor gives pedal assistance of up to 25km/hr
  • Samsung lithium-ion battery with 374 Wh capacity
  • Integrated metal chain guard to give a quality finish
  • Synthetic leather handles and saddle finishes the look

Components in detail


The Varaneo Beach Cruiser has a Samsung cell Lithium-ion battery with approx. 10 Ah or 374 Wh. This allows for a range of up to 80km. The battery can be easily removed from the bike so you can bring it inside for charging. On the top you can read the current charge level with the help of the LED display and switch the battery on and off. A lock protects the battery from possible theft. The battery is fully charged in approximately 5 hours.


With a 250W Bafang rear hub motor you’ll have a sportier driving experience and perfect traction. This also means that the shifting components of the Shimano Tourney (7 gears) gear shift and the chain are less stressed


The beach cruiser is equipped with a 160 mm TEKTRO mechanical disc brake from on the front and rear wheels. In contrast to the rim brake, the braking force of a disc brake is significantly stronger, even in wet conditions. In addition, this low-maintenance and low-wear braking system ensures longer and safer driving pleasure


The ergonomically shaped handlebars allow an upright and relaxed sitting position. The high-quality synthetic leather handles with palm rests are not only comfortable, but also enable fatigue-free travel. With the built-in pushing aid, the beach cruiser can be accelerated to approx. 6 km / h with just one hand movement, without having to pedal. With convenient access to the speed controller you can increase the pedal assist further up to 25km/hr.

Gear system

With a Shimano Tourney 7 speed derailleur you can easily and effortlessly switch between gears to suit the terrain you’re driving on.


The Beach cruiser has a stylish and smooth upward sloping frame which sets this bike immediately apart from any other. It’s the frame that makes this a Beach cruiser, as it just invites you to take it for a smooth leisurely ride along the beach side.


The 26" Kenda tires are comfortable to drive and give a more sportive drive than a fat tyre cruiser. The tyres have a strong profile that still gives enough traction.

Modern colour LCD display

The modern colour Bigstone LCD C900E 3.5” display is located centrally on the handlebars. With this central position you have a great overview of all the information you would need. You can control all important settings, such as the speed assist level, the bike lights directly via the display. Additionally, you’ll have an overview of additional information such as the speed, battery level as well as distance travelled.

What else should I know?

This beach cruiser is available in black, white, blue and pink and has a universal size which is suitable for everyone from 1.60cm to 1.95cm. Your new beach cruiser will be delivered with a charger and battery so it’s all ready to go as you receive it.

Properties "Electric Cruiser Bike Varaneo Beachcruiser Black Matt"
Carrying capacity: 130kg
Type of bike: Electric Cruiser Bike, Retro Electric Bike
Battery capacity: 374Wh
Colour: Black
Weight: 24kg
Wheel size: 26 inch
Warranty: 2 years
Motor placement: Hub drive (rear)
Motor capacity (watts): 250 W
Torque: 40Nm
Battery placement: Mid frame
Number of gears: 7
Suspension: Rigid
Frame: Sloping frame
Range: Up to 50 miles
Brake system: Hydraulic disc
Drive train: Chain drive
Max. speed: 25km/hr
Gear system: Derailleur
Derailleur: Shimano Tourney

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