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Bike to work scheme

You are looking to get a new e bike through leasing but do not know how to proceed ? Then we are here to help you as VanSprint is now officially a Bike2Work Scheme partner!

Bike2work is a UK company which allows leasing options to employers and employees to lease a bike throughout the country. With their options, you can also buy an e bike on the internet!

Leasing is the new way to get your bike without having to pay the full price at once. There are lots of different companies throughout the UK which offer leasing options.

Leasing an E-bike via VanSprint offers a great range of benefits such as:

  • Not paying the full amount at once and getting some tax benefits on top
  • Doing all the paperwork online with our help
  • Moving towards a greener mobility
  • Having the possibility to buy the bike after the leasing period

How does leasing work?

Leasing is the new way to getting an e-bike easily, without having to pay the full amount at once. When you lease a bike, you pay a small portion of the bike every months, until the leasing period ends. At the end of the period, you get to choose between buying the bike you leased, or leasing a brand new one!

Leasing an e-bike can be new and complicated for some people. However, it is much easier than it looks thanks to our partner Bike2Work. With the Bike2Work scheme, leasing a bike will be as easy as riding it. Here are the 6 easy steps to follow if you are willing to purchase one of our e-bike through the Bike2Work scheme.

You are an employee:

  1. Sign up via the Bike2Work form
  2. Receive your unique PIN number from your employer
  3. Select your e-bike and accessories from our website
  4. Your employer receives an invoice and a hire agreement you will both sign
  5. Your employer pays for the e-bike and receives your voucher
  6. You send us your voucher and we do the rest!

You are an employer:

  1. Sign up via the Bike2Work form
  2. Get and share your company PIN number with your employees
  3. Receive the invoice and hire agreement from Bike2Work
  4. Both you and your employee sign the agreement and return it to Bike2Work
  5. Make the payment, and send the voucher to your employee
  6. Your employee uses the voucher to get her or his new e-bike

What will it cost me?

The Bike2Work scheme works like this: you ask your employer for an e-bike, and he provides you with the voucher after successfully completing the 6 steps cited before. After that, you lease the bike directly from your employer through a “salary sacrifice”. This means you give up a small part of your gross salary (before tax) to pay for your new e-bike. This way, you drastically reduce the cost of the bike by up to 48.25%!

Also, you get to make important tax savings, as you will “sacrifice” a part of your salary. More than a cost, leasing an e-bike saves you money!

After the leasing period, you can also buy the e bike from your employer if you wish to do so. Please note that additional leasing costs may apply to your order in form of a percentage of the total due amount.

Which bikes are eligible?

There are no limits to what types of e bike you can lease. You are completely free to choose an e bike that best suits your needs.

For example, would you like to lease an electric bike for ladies? Then take a look at the offers available with us. Ladies electric bike leasing offers you a wide range of low step-through bikes, which is not only suitable for your daily ride to work through the city. You will also find E Bikes for ladies that can take a bit more, for example with wider tires. Thus, you could also perfectly use your leasing ladies bike on the weekend to go on tour.

If you don't want a low step-through bike, then perhaps a men's e bike lease would suit you. Men's bikes come in a wide selection of various types. Men's bikes have a high top bar on the frame. However, there are also countless women who like the sporty look better visually and therefore go for men's bikes. With us, you will find a wide selection of men's bikes that can be leased through the leasing provider of your choice.

E mountain bike leasing is also no problem. Look for the mountain bike that you like best with us. If you are unsure about the e mountain bike you want, give us a call or write us an email. All that remains to be done after that is to have the leasing contract drawn up by your employer, and soon you will be able to climb the mountains on your new e-mountain bike with some tax relief as a bonus.

Only S Pedelec leasing requires a consultation with your leasing provider as well as with us, since not every provider allows the leasing of S Pedelecs. So: Please contact our team if you are interested in leasing an S Pedelec.

If you want to benefit from one of our great e-bike using the Bike2Work Scheme, please contact us at for more information and confirmation of your leasing contract.