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Econic One

Econic One offers hybrid e bikes that are a clever mix between road and off-road bikes. For example, their cross-country bikes come equipped with front suspension, making them suitable for use as a mountain bike. At the same time its light frame, comfortable features, and sleek design makes it also great for everyday use. Are you looking for an all-purpose e bike? Then take a look at the Econic One Urban Smart e bikes for example which are perfect for people who want to use their e bike to go to work, but also like to go hit some trails in the weekend!

Econic One
Econic One Smart Urban connectivity

Econic One Smart Urban connectivity

All Econic One Smart Urban bikes have the smart lock built-in by default. This smart lock gives the bike additional anti-theft features. For example, GPS tracking via your phone, anti-theft alarm when someone tries to pick up the bike when it's locked. Forget about lost bike keys, with the custom built in colour combination that is unique to your Urban Smart bike, you can open the lock without a key. Even more impressive is the option to lock and unlock the bike remotely via the app on your smartphone!

The stylish design of the Econic One Smart Urban

The Econic One Smart Urban bike was designed to be a great-looking functional city bike. Who says city bikes have to be boring and ugly? The aluminium frame has a glossy and durable paint coating that combines well with the minimalistic frame. The ergonomic handlebar grips and saddle give you extra comfort, while the mountainbike-style straight handlebar provides you an aerodynamic seating-position that helps you to bike longer. Luckily with the powerful built-in removable battery that’s indistinguishable from the rest of the frame you actually can!

stylish design of the Econic One Smart Urban

 What else should I know about the Econic One Smart Urban series?</

What else should I know about the Econic One Smart Urban series?

Not only the smart lock has many cool features built in, the bike itself is packed for maximum comfort and performance. For example, the Herman LED lights have a sensor that automatically turns on the lights in the dark. The LCD colour display give you access to more settings such as adjusting the levels of assistance from 5 to 9. Hold the minus button on the steering wheel for a few seconds to activate walk-assist, and with the Econic One app you can connect to your bike to lock and unlock your bike with a simple touch on your smartphone. All of these features are standard with every Econic One Smart Urban bike, and all of that for an incredible price right here at VanSprint!