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Econic One

Econic One offers hybrid e bikes that are a clever mix between road and off-road bikes. For example, their cross-country bikes come equipped with front suspension, making them suitable for use as a mountain bike. At the same time its light frame, comfortable features, and sleek design makes it also great for everyday use. Are you looking for an all-purpose e bike? Then take a look at the Econic One e bikes which are perfect for people who want to use their e bike to go to work, but also like to go hit some trails in the weekend!

Econic One

What makes Econic One unique?

Econic One Smart Connectivity

Smart connectivity

All Econic One bikes have the option to be equipped with a smart connectivity mobile app. This app allows location tracking and remote control for locking and unlocking your e-bike. This is an extremely convenient feature as it allows for the remote control of your bike with the press of a single button.

Removable battery

With your Econic One bike you also benefit from a powerful in-house built li-on battery with Samsung cells to maximize the range on your bike. The battery is also easily removable with a simple click, light weight to carry around and fast to charge. The ease of switching out the battery allows you to bring a spare on those long rides and switch out your battery with a fully loaded one within seconds and continue your ride effortlessly.

Econic One removable battery

Econic One hybrid design

Hybrid design

With the battery being integrated into the frame, the Econic One bikes are hardly recognizable as being electric bikes. No bulky batteries and motors here. With a sleek look these bikes look equally stunning on the trail or on the road. Not only do they look equally great on the trail or on the road, but the hybrid design of the cross-country bike also allows for equally comfortable driving during both uses.