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Bad Bike

Bad Bike is an Italian manufacturer of e bikes specializing in “fatbikes” which are bikes with extra-large tires. These types of bikes are excellent for muddy/sandy terrain. As a specialist in fat bikes Bad Bike has applied this design to a wide variety of bikes from city bikes as well as folding bikes. With their Beach range they bring a unique Californian-style to the e bike for everyone looking for a hip e bike!

Bad Bike

What makes Bad Bike unique?

Bad Bike Fat Tires

Fat tires

Bad Bike knows how to build e bikes with fat tires. In fact, they’ve applied this concept to a lot of different types of bikes, such as a folding e bike with fat tires. Do you live in the countryside or you go to the beach with your bike? Then an e bike with fat tires is perfect for you as it won’t get stuck in muddy or sandy environments.


There are several matching accessories available from Bad Bike that go well with your e-bike. For example, trolley bags to store your folding e bike in or a backpack to store your beach clothes in when riding to the beach on the beach fat bike.

Bad Bike Accessories

Bad Bike Side car

Side car

Bad Bike has managed to think outside the box with their Beach Vintage with is an e bike with fat tires and a side car. The Beach Vintage is perfect for taking your kids/pets to the beach as it has fat tires to be able to bike across sandy environments, and it has a side car to carry your kids or your pets.